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Re: Write a module to overwrite HTTP methods handling

> On 19 Sep 2018, at 13:57, Danesh Daroui <danesh.daroui@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am sorry if my question is a bit off! I am wondering whether it is
> possible to write a server module that can handle different HTTP
> methods in a customized way?

Of course it's possible, and indeed common: see for example mod_dav,
or even the oldest application module of all, mod_cgi.

However, your question leads me to wonder if what you're looking for
might not be better accomplished in configuration.  If you need
functionality that isn't already supported, that would call for a new
module (or equivalent), but you'd use configuration to determine
when it should or shouldn't be invoked to process a request.

Nick Kew