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Write a module to overwrite HTTP methods handling

Hi all,

I am sorry if my question is a bit off! I am wondering whether it is
possible to write a server module that can handle different HTTP
methods in a customized way? I mean, if I want to perform some action
when GET with some specific parameters comes in and/or PUT, POST or
DELETE as well, can I add handlers (which would preferably overwrite
the original handler) or I have to hack into the server code where
HTTP methods are handled? I have actually found where these methods
are handled (in default_handler inside protocol.c) but I am not sure
whether this is the best way to do so or not since rebasing to the
master would be be problematic when my local branch diverges as time
goes by.

At the same time, I believe that modules are to add extra features
e.g. authentication methods, compression techniques, encryption,
server management, etc, and not altering basic functionality of the
server or maybe it is possible since SSL is also implemented in a

I would appreciate if you guide me through this.


Danesh Daroui