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Re: NOTICE: Intent to T&R 2.4.35 in the next few hours

Hi, all;
I have been delayed executing the automation because the test suite seems to be hanging for me. This appears to be consistently during t/ssl/varlookup.t as that is the only process other than httpd running in this container during the hang. When killing httpd, the failures reported start at test 35 with err "Failed test 35 in t/ssl/varlookup.t at line 109 fail #35" and continue to 83.

If anyone has experience with this area of the test suite, pointers definitely welcome. Otherwise, I'll start poking at it.
Daniel Ruggeri

On 2018-09-17 10:01, Daniel Ruggeri wrote:
Hi, all;

STATUS is looking clean and my test suite is building/testing.
Assuming those tests work out and life is happy, I will T&R 2.4.35
from 2.4.x branch in a few hours.

I will also follow up in another couple weeks to T&R 2.4.36 if we can
work in some of the newer features by then.