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Re: NOTICE: Intent to T&R 2.4.35 in the next few hours

I'm similarly examining the win32 cmake build in anticipation.

Thus far, the only issue is the mis-inclusion of applink.c; this is broken
with openssl 1.1.1. Looking now for a resolution.

On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 10:02 AM Daniel Ruggeri <druggeri@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, all;

STATUS is looking clean and my test suite is building/testing. Assuming
those tests work out and life is happy, I will T&R 2.4.35 from 2.4.x
branch in a few hours.

I will also follow up in another couple weeks to T&R 2.4.36 if we can
work in some of the newer features by then.

Daniel Ruggeri