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Re: 2.4.35 in Sept?

I'm unaware of anything blocking a tag today, if someone wants to proceed. What is gained by waiting a few days to slip in another rushed patch to break yet another release? 

I see nothing in STATUS necessary to fix 2.4 regressions, but many proposed behavioral changes which suggest the likelyhood of new regressions. 

A minimal 2.4.35, and an optimistic 2.4.36 enhancement release within weeks of one another serves all interests, a stable 2.4 and early adoption 2.4. Users can back down to 2.4. 35 instead of way back to 2.4.29 or earlier, in the event of new issues in such a 2.4.36 release which includes TLS 1.3 support. 

On Thu, Sep 13, 2018, 14:09 Gregg Smith <gls@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 9/12/2018 1:47 PM, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> What improvements do you have to suggest to improve upon this? Do you recommend a longer vote time? Do you recommend beta and/or release-candidates? Do you recommend that the 1st born of all voters be held in a camp until the release has "proven" itself to be up to your satisfaction ensuring that said voters have "skin in the game"?
IMO a couple extra days wouldn't hurt unless its fixing a 0day.