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Re: 2.4.35 in Sept?

On Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 8:01 AM Jim Jagielski <jim@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If there is still interest, there are a handful of useful backports in STATUS that could use review, testing and voting :-)

Unless the goal is to replace one set of regressions with a new set 
of regressions, it's past due to tag 2.4.35 before "useful" returns as 
the de facto criteria again on 2.4.x.

Because the TLS 1.3 patchset is significantly bigger, I'd appreciate 
an httpd release prior to merging that effort. So we have 2.4.35 entirely 
usable, and soon thereafter, 2.4.36 with TLS 1.3, and whatever "useful"
additions people want to pile on (as observed of the 2.4/trunk diff).

Since we still have no schema to solve the project maintenance side of
shipping source code, getting 2.4.35 with principally regression-fixes out
the door before new regressions are added seems wise. I'm happy to
offer to RM this coming Monday if nobody beats me to it, if we believe 
all of the known regressions have been closed.

Is anyone aware of any lingering regression fixes to apply for 2.4.35 
in the immediate-term?

September for 2.4.36 w/TLS 1.3 still seems plausible. If we really want
to prove up that patch set, 2.5.1-alpha sooner rather than later might 
make good sense, and would likely attract more attention than a typical 
alpha owing to draft TLS 1.3 support alone.