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Re: Is it interesting to add some filepath checks to apachectl -t ?


sorry to come back but I get no replies so I don't know if it has been ignored
because considered as not good or you were too busy with the last release.


On 03/07/2018 22:57, Stéphane Blondon wrote:
> Hello,
> `apachectl -t` checks the configuration files. The documentation
> explains it's not complete.
> It seems paths (for DocumentRoot for example) or the write access for
> log directory are not checked. (tested with apache v.2.4.25.)
> Are you interested by such a feature?
> If I understand the code properly, the check is done by
> ap_run_test_config(), called in main.c. However, I don't find the
> definition of the function in the httpd-2.4.33 archive. I downloaded the
> archive at:
> http://apache.mirrors.ovh.net/ftp.apache.org/dist//httpd/httpd-2.4.33.tar.bz2
> I have no idea if I have the skills to implement that in C but I can
> look for it.
> I susbcribed to the mailing list.
> Regards,
> Stéphane

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