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Re: Specific regressions to promptly address for 2.4.35?

I understand many of us had holidays etc, and the dev list and bug tracker haven't been followed as closely. 

To help you and others find this answer ourselves, a new keyword 'Regression' is now added to the httpd bugzilla. 

Although it is not required, adding BZ tickets for dev and users list reports, or our own observed and fixed defects helps users later answer their own questions, reducing the number of duplicate reports on list. Well worth that initial effort. 

On Thu, Aug 9, 2018, 06:35 Jim Jagielski <jim@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Aug 9, 2018, at 12:11 AM, William A Rowe Jr <wrowe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> You didn't seriously expect me to rise to that bait? No, I wasn't planning to bring you a rock

It's not a rock... if you expect people to review patches, certainly those patches should be available someplace, right? I'm not seeing anything in STATUS that references these.

The only one I can easily find is the OCSP one, but even that looks like the suggested patch is waiting for confirmation that it fixes the bug...