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Re: mod_http2 1.10.20 in current branches differs from GIT

I was not reading my mail in the last days, but you happily 
opened a github issue for this since I did not answer your
question for 24 hours. That is good thinking.

I hope I answered the ticket to your satisfaction. I also
pushed the changes from Apache subversion to github that
had not arrived there yet. So, all should be fine and
orderly now.

Cheers, Stefan

PS. Should such things bother you in other areas and should
people not respond in time, rest assured that you can find
out what changed when and by whom yourself. With "svn blame"
and "svn log" you can get plenty of information. Those are
also available in all Subversion Graphical User Interfaces,
should you be a user of those.

> Am 31.05.2018 um 10:23 schrieb Steffen <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Today difference branches/2.4 and 1.10.20-git:
> .\h2_config.c
> .\h2_config.h
> .\h2_conn.c
> .\h2_filter.c
> .\h2_h2.c
> .\mod_http2.c
> .\mod_http2.h
> .\mod_proxy_http2.c
> Do we miss now the changes with 1.10.18/19 ?