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2.4.34 release

Hey everyone,

   When can we expect a release of 2.4.34?

   We have been using a patched version of 2.4.33 for the last month or so, due to the 2.4.33 release having a bug which breaks rproxy connections that have SSL enabled.

    I believe this is referenced as being fixed in the 2.4.34 CHANGES as:
  *) mod_ssl: Fix merging of proxy SSL context outside <Proxy> sections,
     regression introduced in 2.4.30. PR 62232. [Rainer Jung, Yann Ylavic]

     We don't have the option to roll back to a version prior to 2.4.33 as there was no public release of 2.4.30, 2.4.31, or 2.4.32 and there are several security fixes in 2.4.30. 
      I would feel a bit more comfortable having an official release on our servers rather than a patched one, and honestly, given the impact of the regression in 2.4.33, I expected that an official release would have been available some time ago.

Dan Oliver