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Re: mod_proxy_html and special characters

Hi Eric,

On 05/25/2018 06:57 PM, Eric Covener wrote:
<a href="http://internal/!%22%23$/";>A link with special characters</a>
>> ProxyHTMLURLMap "http://internal/!\"#$/"; "http://external/!\"#$/";

Is it reasonable to expect mod_proxy_html to rewrite URL encoded URLs as
> IMO no, I don't think the literals in the first argument should be
expected to match the URL-encoded content

The reason I am asking this is, because for Location matching, Apache httpd apparently does map a request with a URL encoded path to the non-encoded configured path. For example, if I have configured in a virtual host:

  <Location "/!\"#$/">
    ProxyPass "http://internal/!\"#$/";
    ProxyHTMLURLMap "http://internal/!\"#$/"; "http://external/!\"#$/";

... then for matching the location container it does not matter whether the path of the request is URL encoded or not.

I consider this behavior a bit inconsistent. URL-encoded requests get proxied to the internal resource as if they were not URL-encoded. But URL-encoding a few characters in the path is sufficient to bypass HTML rewriting.