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Re: Experimental C unit test suite available for hacking

Hi Yann,

On 05/24/2018 10:41 AM, Yann Ylavic wrote:
./configure --prefix=/home/mlenk/Upstream/Apache/target
--with-apr-util=/home/mlenk/Upstream/Apache/target --with-mpm=worker
--with-mpms-shared=all --enable-mods-static=most --enable-load-all-modules

This should be --enable-mpms-shared=all (not --with-...).

Drat. What a good catch! I should have enjoyed a coffee before trying the suggested work around.

Btw, as Jacob noted, the attached patch seems to work for me (even
without the above option).

Yes, for me too, except that the linker problem with undefined symbols now seems to shift to the modules. I had to disable a few modules (--enable-mods-static=most --disable-apreq --disable-proxy-fcgi --disable-session-cookie --disable-session-dbd --disable-dav) to finally get to a successful build.

Thanks for your help.