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Re: imitExcept inside a Location overrules another Location restriction

Eric, thank you for your quick answer.
I used the wrong mailing list. - which one is the right?
You wrote we should avoid Limit/LimitExcept in 2.4.
I tested it with 2.2 it works as expected.
But 2.2 is not really an alternative. What is the recommendation for Limiting HTTP Methods in 2.4?

Am Fr., 2. Nov. 2018 um 13:47 Uhr schrieb Eric Covener <covener@xxxxxxxxx>:
This is not a mailing list for reporting bugs, it's the mailing list used by bugzilla.
Avoid Limit/LimitExcept in 2.4.  In the config below, if the Location / comes second,
it means the authorization config replaces the one defined in server-info, not merged with it, and GET is no longer limited.

On Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 8:28 AM Lothar Belle <lothar.webmin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We want to Allow only specific Methods i.e. HEAD POST GET.
so we are using.
<Location />
    <LimitExcept HEAD POST GET>
        Require all denied
Location is required, because we use mod_proxy, so no directory access is performed.
Strangely it overrules a previous defined.
<Location /server-info>
    SetHandler server-info
    Require local
So as a result server-info is accessible from everywhere.
According to my understanding, and documentation this behavior is not correct.
<LimitExcept> and </LimitExcept> are used to enclose a group of access control directives which will then apply to any HTTP access method not listed in the arguments

Thanks a lot!

Eric Covener