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[Bug 62025] mod_headers doesn't edit WWW-Authentication from mod_auth_basic


--- Comment #1 from Luca Toscano <toscano.luca@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Hi Roland,

thanks a lot for the report. I reproduced with the basic config outlined in the
stack-overflow post and the latest 2.4.x version of the code.

gdb shows me:

Thread 6 "httpd" hit Breakpoint 1, ap_headers_error_filter (f=0x7fffc4007698,
in=0x7fffc4007830) at mod_headers.c:906
906         do_headers_fixup(f->r, f->r->err_headers_out, dirconf->fixup_err,
(gdb) dump_table f->r->err_headers_out
(gdb) dump_table f->r->headers_out
[0] 'WWW-Authenticate'='Basic realm="abcdef"' [0x7fffc4007658]

Header always should only add/modify/etc.. the err_headers_out list, not the
headers_out one, so mod_headers seems to work as intended. The main issue that
I am seeing is related to the WWW-Authenticate header, that should not be in

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