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[Bug 54914] mod_dir DirectoryIndex breaks WebDAV PROPFIND / DELETE / MOVE


--- Comment #9 from Aria Bamdad <aria@xxxxxxxxxxx> ---
This bug goes beyond WEBDAV.  In my case, I have a tomcat application behind
Apache.  If I configure DirectoryIndex index.html, and then tell Apache to pass
all requests to tomcat ajp worker by way of:

   <Location "/">
    SetHandler jakarta-servlet
    SetEnv JK_WORKER_NAME ajp13

Then if in my root directory, there exists a file called index.html, an
incoming request for / will get translated to /index.html and then passed to
tomcat where as in Apache 2.2, with the same DirectoryIndex index.html
directive, the request for / was untouched as passed to tomcat as '/' and not

If I were to delete the index.html file, then '/' is passed.

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