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[Bug 59744] AH00717: Premature end of cache headers


--- Comment #2 from Breno Fernandes <breno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ---
The bug also happens in Centos 7, fully updated on Apache 2.4.6.

Oct 10 14:33:29 xxxx httpd[9828]: [cache_disk:error] [pid 9828:tid
140256116471552] [client] AH00717: Premature end of cache

The bug is triggered when a cached GET is followed by two POSTs to the same
For example: 

curl -i -X GET  https://example.com/javascript/server2.php => OK
curl -i -X POST https://example.com/javascript/server2.php => OK but not cached
curl -i -X POST https://example.com/javascript/server2.php => bug is triggered.

The second POST generates two error messages.

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