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[Bug 61519] "SSLEngine optional" and http:// redirects if traling slash in the url is missing


--- Comment #42 from William A. Rowe Jr. <wrowe@xxxxxxxxxx> ---
I see a lot of conflated issues here.

The crux is that

1. A VirtualHost has one and only one port in httpd. This can be fixed in the
next major release with a list of possible ports and moving the port of
reference from the vhost to the conn struct.

2. SSLEngine Optional means processing the Upgrade: header to switch from http
to http over TLS. Nothing else. The port remains 80, obviously!

What I'm reading is that an unexpectedly successful attempt suggested support
for a facility which does not and cannot exist during 2.4.x. This has come up
on the dev list, and it seems the devs support the idea of multiple pontential
ports supported by a single vhost.

On the second point, because TLS is seen on the 443 connection, it is reported
as TLS, but is reporting the wrong port because the wrong vhost was elected.

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