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[Bug 62477] ProxyPassInterpolateEnv causes config syntax failures at startup


--- Comment #6 from Luca Toscano <toscano.luca@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Sorry now I get what you were saying. If you have to defer the creation of the
worker based on a per request variable, then there is no point in defining a
"one off" worker / connection-pool. My naive view of the conn pool / worker was
that it would have been defined the first time by the first request value
populating the variable, and then re-used across requests, this is why I was
asking the question about deferring the worker initialization.

IIUC, either a worker is well defined at "startup" time, or the default worker
will be used. I am wondering if a more precise error message for the user when
apr_uri_parse fails and 'interpolate' is set might help (like "hey there,
please remember that you are not allowed to add variables for
scheme/hostname/port"). If my understanding is right I'd also like to add an
explanation in the docs, from my point of view it is not really clear.

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