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[Bug 62430] mod-mbox-util fails to empty index file if mbox is emptied


--- Comment #2 from Sebb <sebb@xxxxxxxxxx> ---
The problem seems to be worse than I thought: messages processed from the mbox
file are added to the index. This only works properly if the messages are only
ever added to the mbox. Whilst this is the most common scenario, it is not the
only possible one.

I would expect the index to be created from the current mbox contents only; any
existing entries should be dropped.

The -c option help says:

'-c    Force creation of a new cache. If there is an existing cache, it
       will be ignored and overwritten'

That is not happening; the existing cache is not overwritten.

In the case of the '-u' option, the help text is less clear:

'-u    Updates an existing cache'

However surely the cache should agree with the mbox file from which it was most
recently derived - not a combination of all mbox files that have been processed
so far.

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