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[Bug 62434] apache 2.4.18 send only small file in html, all working fine in https


Luca Toscano <toscano.luca@xxxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Luca Toscano <toscano.luca@xxxxxxxxx> ---

This seems more a httpd's misconfiguration than a real bug, so I'd suggest to
follow up with http://httpd.apache.org/lists.html#http-users or the Freenode
IRC channel. Please also add your httpd configuration when you seek help (or
relevant snippets) to allow others to reproduce, otherwise it will be difficult
to understand what's happening.

I am inclined to close this task as invalid, but please re-open it after
following up with the http-users list if the problem doesn't resolve.


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