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[Bug 62396] IPV4 Only Bind Problem to localhost port 443


Luca Toscano <toscano.luca@xxxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Luca Toscano <toscano.luca@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Hi Mustafa,

Listen localhost:433 works, I am pretty sure that there is a misconfiguration
in your os settings (and or something else).

I'd suggest to:

1) check with netstat -nlpt (or equivalent) if there is a process bound to 443
(not sure what procedure you followed to check)
2) check values of /etc/hosts, especially what localhost resolves to (on my
testing env is
3) check the httpd's error log and see if anything important is logged.

Since this is not a bug report, I'd close it now but feel free to re-open it if
you have info from the above points supporting the presence of a bug. If you
want to seek support, you can send an email to



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