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[Bug 49385] mod_disk_cache server side included files are intermittently corrupted


--- Comment #12 from arthurguru <arthurg.work@xxxxxxxxx> ---
My website is the product of 20 years of deoptimisation and is one of the top
10 in Australia without SEO influence. I believe the organisation I work for
will probably still need Apache SSIs for a while to come (which are not that
different in concept to includes used by other languages), so please don't
depreciate them.

I introduced mod_cache (actually mod_disk_cache over a 1Gb tmpfs) as a "thin
cache" with a cache expiry age of 15 seconds over AWS EFS storage, and
excluding this SSI issue (and a few other issues) it worked extremely well at
smoothing out the large volumes of requests we get, which made our old girl of
a website very responsive.

Introducing a config exception for SSI's is just not going to work for us.

Also, if you are going to tinker with Accept Encoding and the like just be wary
that some CDNs only cache content based on a narrow set of criteria of which
having a basic Vary: Accept-Encoding / Content-Encoding: gzip in the response
is often one of them.

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