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[Bug 49385] mod_disk_cache server side included files are intermittently corrupted


--- Comment #10 from Eric Covener <covener@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Seems like there are a number of potential workarounds a ways short of
deprecating SSI.  For example, the paths used for the virtual includes could be
skipped for compression and/or caching by simple config.

bug wise:

my guess as to the connection to mod_cache: mod_deflate won't ever directly
work on subrequests (the included file), but if the response for the included
file ends up in the cache even w/ proper metadata, it will gladly be replayed.

One potential kludge would be to zap Accept-Encoding in the subrequest that
retrieves the included files, so it would not find the gziped form in the
cache.. Probably non-controversial if opt-in.

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