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[Bug 49385] mod_disk_cache server side included files are intermittently corrupted


--- Comment #9 from Geoff Millikan <gmillikan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> ---
So today, 2.2.15 is not fixed with no work around.  Neither is 2.4.x but
workaround is cache before deflate which is better than nothing but still not
best because ideally we want to cache compressed content.

Since bug hasn't been fixed after all these years I suggest best practice is
stop using server side includes (SSI).  Apache documentation below should be
updated to say it is deprecated.


PS. On a personal note, SSI was my first foray into service side scripting in
1999 when the web was younger, Apache was at version 1.2.5 and SSI was an
amazingly effective way of getting headers and footers into webpages. I was at
WebCom, one of the world's first web hosts and the dot com bubble was in full
swing.  MySpace wasn't a thought yet.  Apache was (and continued to be!) a
remarkable piece of software carrying the much of the Internet. The Apache
Foundation, Brian Behlendorf and many others who did early work and continue
for the good of everyone have my respect & deep gratitude. 



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