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[Bug 49385] mod_disk_cache server side included files are intermittently corrupted


--- Comment #8 from arthurguru <arthurg.work@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Wow, 7 years on and this bug still exists in Apache!

Thanks Geoff for posting your experience as it helped us in the end.

To replicate this bug in Apache 2.2.15 I did the following:
1. Create two web files x.html and y.shtml which has x.html as a virtual
2. Open up both files in a separate tab in a browser, x.html as it is and
y.shtml with some random query string e.g. y.shtml?a=b
3. rm -fr all the mod_cache artefacts and restart Apache.
4. In the browser force refresh x.html (is there a bug with Apache with the
very first request producing a blank page?)
5. In the browser force fresh x.html again.
6. In the browser switch to the other tab and force refresh y.shtml?a=b.
7. Edit the URL and delete the query string then force refresh y.shtml and you
should see a gzipped version of x.html appear as content in the web page.

This bug is unfortunate and really nasty to end users and web admins alike.
Unfortunately I'm forced to use Apache 2.2.x and mod_cache was looking
promising until I encountered this issue. With Apache 2.4.x you can use CACHE
before DEFLATE.

I also found httpdcacheclean to be broken leaving thousands of tmp files lying
around in the root cache folder and it was not properly deleting stale cache

Other issues I've had with mod_cache is with wrapper scripts e.g.
controller.php will always return the last cached artefact which could belong
to someone else.

At first glance mod_cache appears to be a golden chalice but unless your web
site is fairly basic then it can easily become quite a headache.

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