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[Bug 61083] mod_proxy_html ignoring ProxyHTMLCharsetOut


Nick Kew <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Nick Kew <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxx> ---
I've just investigated this.

There is a buglet: a HEAD request will incorrectly show UTF-8.  However, a
request that returns data works just fine for me.  I'm inclined to say WONTFIX,
but now that you've pointed it out I'll add a note to the docs.

Your problem is configuration.  Instead of "SetOutputFilter", you need to use
ProxyHTMLEnable On (and have mod_xml2enc loaded) to cause mod_proxy_html to
configure i18n.  I think that highlights a docs bug, and I'm thinking about how
to add that prominently.

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