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[Bug 62277] mod_slotmem_shm is causing error in apache2.4.33 loading


--- Comment #36 from Yann Ylavic <ylavic.dev@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Thanks Rainer for confirming.

I suspected it could be related to filesystem, hence this new test with
semget() calls not "released" until the end of the test.

Regarding the project_id and how it seems to be (poorly) used on Solaris 10, we
may not be doing the best thing on the APR either. Not sure we can do much
given that 8 bits only seem to be considered, but possibly a sequential number
(i.e. the fd) is better than the hash currently used (depending on the filename

What if you change:
        ctx->h1 = (nhash >= 1) ? hash1(ctx->name) : 0;
        ctx->h2 = (nhash >= 2) ? hash2(ctx->name) : 0;

by something like:
        ctx->h1 = (unsigned int)('A' ^ 'P' ^ 'R') << 24;
        ctx->h2 = (unsigned int)(ctx->fd & 0x00ffffff);

in the code?

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