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[Bug 62325] mod_http2 (32-bit, i386) segmentation fault while delivering large (2+ GiB) file


--- Comment #3 from Stefan Eissing <stefan@xxxxxxxxxxx> ---
If you compile yourself, please try attached patch that eliminates the problem
for me and also should result in a small memory footprint.

The problem for the segfault was a NULL pointer dereference, caused by memory
exhaustion, caused by h2 cleanup functions not running regular enough,
ultimately triggered by the different transfer strategy in Apache for files
>2GB on 32bit systems. On 64bit systems, this code path never triggered.

I will add the fix in trunk, propose for backport in the next 2.4.x release.
Additionally, I will make a new github release of mod-h2 (the standalone
module) which is picked up by some distros/PPAs directly.

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