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[Bug 62308] Apache crashes after graceful restart with AH02599: slotmem (failed size check)


--- Comment #5 from dnie@xxxxxxxxxx ---
(In reply to Yann Ylavic from comment #4)

>Do you mean that AH02599 is the issue or the httpd process is really crashing (i.e. segmentation fault)?

The httpd process does not exist anymore. That is what I mean. It's not really
a crash.

> What is your scenario more precisely?

My httpd is used as a ReverseProxy only. My mod_proxy configuration does not
use any additional configuration other than "keepalive". I also do not use any
directives like "BalancerGrowth". Everything is standard.

>Does this patch work for you?
I have to prepare an anvironment under Windows to compile this. This may take a
while (Visual Studio). Is there any other way to test this?
In comment #1 from Mark, I understand this issure is related to Linux too.

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