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[Bug 53218] ProxyPass worker name (http://localhost:3128/...) too long


--- Comment #24 from Christopher Schultz <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ---
Is there some very sensitive internal structure which cannot be expanded to
include some larger, arbitrary number of characters/bytes for the worker-name?
If not, can we just get a higher limit on the URL length? Most URL limits in
httpd are around 8k characters/bytes, no?

(In reply to Jim Jagielski from comment #22)
> Of course exposing resources unintentionally is EVIL. That is why when there
> is the possibility, it is logged so allow the admin, who is the final
> arbitrator, to determine if they are exposed or not.

Unfortunately, the log is only advisory. httpd continues to start up in what I
would describe generously as a "degraded" condition... one where a (likely)
larger URL space will be proxied than initially intended.

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