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[Bug 61984] mod_ssl has SSLProxyVerify set to none by default


--- Comment #4 from Dan Oliver <thrift24@xxxxxxxxx> ---
If certs are not being authenticated then SSL is not being setup properly.  I'm
not saying that someone shouldn't be able to do something incredibly dangerous,
but it shouldn't be the default.

In the case of someone setting up an rproxy on an untrusted network, if someone
incorrectly assumes that perhaps their CACertificateFile they have already
provided for their front end SSL configuration is also being used on the back
end (not understanding there is a separate SSLProxyCACertificateWhatever) and
they perform their initial setup with certs that are signed by a signer from
their front end, they may not realize that no verification of the certificate
is being done at all.  That is to say someone might understand how to
theoretically set up an SSL connection on an untrusted network, but the
configuration directives and defaults are not intuitive and without a careful
read of the documentation could be deployed unsecurely even by an experienced

The documentation should definitely be more clear, but being that the default
should be updated.  I have NEVER seen another program that when set up to use
SSL does not attempt to properly verify the certificate by default.

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