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[Bug 61984] mod_ssl has SSLProxyVerify set to none by default


Dan Oliver <thrift24@xxxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Dan Oliver <thrift24@xxxxxxxxx> ---
Yes.  A valid setup for SSL would require the signers file to be specified. 
Here is a question, would it be better to have someone have to know that they
need to supply a valid signer or explicitly turn off certificate validation to
get a working setup or would it be better for someone to be expecting the
certificate to be checked by default and ending up with an insecure setup?  I
guess one factor in that might be how likely it should be to expect the
certificate to be checked and I would suggest that SSL is totally useless
without that check, so the idea that a check would not be done by default is
not intuitive.  I think it would be very telling to look at how virtually any
other software handles this.

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