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[Bug 61551] Event MPM workers stuck in Gracefully Finishing with no connections left


--- Comment #17 from Nic Jansma <nic@xxxxxxxx> ---
It's been 4 days of running with ModSecurity off, and I haven't had a repro of
the issue at all.  I'm fairly confident at this point, due to the correlation
of the timing of the Slow-Loris attack and when these stuck threads happen,
that something in ModSecurity's connection-rejectioning may be triggering this
bad behavior.

e.g. this code executes during the attack and those connections get "dropped"


Should I open an issue in their Github?

This behavior can be triggered by slowhttptest -H or -X:

SecConnEngine On
SecConnReadStateLimit 10
SecConnWriteStateLimit 10

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