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[Bug 37770] proxy: error reading status line from remote server (null)


--- Comment #105 from Francesco <fmazzi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ---
I have the same error in this configuration: apache 2.4.6 on a centos 7,
configured as https reverse proxy on a filesender server
(http://filesender.org/), on a Redhat 5.3 server. Filesender is a software for
sending big files with email links.
The error occurs clicking on the download.php link (for downloading files), and
only for very big files (several GB I guess). Direct links to filesender server
All suggested solutions don't work.
Finally I found the problem, but don't know why it happens: I tought the
problem could be in the headers sent by download.php, so I tryied to comment
them one by one, so I found that the one which gives error is the one which
sends file dimension:

header('Content-Length: '.$functions->getFileSize($file));

Commenting out this one eliminates the error.
I don't know if it occurs only with certain type of file or in https only, I
could try and let you know.
Do you think is this a bug related to other ones or a new one?

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