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[Bug 61558] Apache 2.4.27 crashes often when restarting the service. segfault in libdl-2.24.so or apache2


--- Comment #22 from Rolf <pantaluna@xxxxxxxxxxx> ---
(In reply to Yann Ylavic from comment #18)
> Created attachment 35376 [details]
> Deregister hooks before exiting
> Simpler patch, per above comments.

I have rebuild the PPA package(s) from source with the patch 35376, and did a
quick redeploy & retest on the same server as before.

The apache2 binary still crashes; infrequently as before +- every 5 minutes in
the test script. The stack trace is different than the original one.

See these attachments for more details:
- test-patch-35376-syslog.txt
- test-patch-35376-gdb.txt

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