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[Bug 53099] Allow multiple values in RemoteIPHeader


--- Comment #6 from Jason <jason.potter@xxxxxxxxx> ---
I too would like to see multiple Headers supported here for the very reason
that Tom mentions in Comment #5:

This would be extremely useful, as modern proxies have moved away from
X-Forwarded-From, to their own header for each (Cloudflare, Securi, etc.)

I find myself wrestling with Load Balancer's which use one Header and
CloudFlare which uses another. Installing both mod_cloudflare and mod_remoteip
will cause Apache to crash if both modules attempt to set different IPs. 

I'd like to keep control of the headers in one place as well. It's simple
enough to emulate mod_cloudflare with mod_remoteip but in doing so we cannot
convert our LB IPs because mod_remoteip only accepts one header.

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