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[Bug 61237] apache2 2.4.26 segfaults when http2 module is enabled


Stefan Eissing <stefan@xxxxxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Stefan Eissing <stefan@xxxxxxxxxxx> ---
As a workaround, Apache 2.4.26 users can use the configuration directive

  H2MaxWorkers 1

to go back to the single-threaded execution model of previous httpd version.

In 2.4.27, release imminent, HTTP/2 will no longer be supported together with

This is done in a way that is least likely interrupting existing installations.
A warning will be logged and the HTTP/2 protocol will not be negotiated for any
connection. Otherwise the server will work as before.

As to deep technical discussion of why the httpd team chose to disable this
combination, please refer to the dev mailing list archive. Thanks.

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