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[Bug 40026] Impossibility to unset Server Header


--- Comment #22 from Sezer Yalcin <syalcintr@xxxxxxxxx> ---

For a second, I thought this is a Microsoft, or rather Oracle forum. It sounds
like Apache is your trademark, your are a large corp who MUST put your name
everywhere. As an open-source developer for over 25 years, telling people WHAT
to do, HOW to do, HOW NOT TO DO is exactly opposite of open source. As an
ex-Microsoft contractor, I even didn't see this mentality at Microsoft. And
here is the proof. You can do this with IIS:


Server header SHOULD be customizable like everything else. I don't need to
explain why but here is one of the good reasons:

I am working on an NTRIP caster. I plan to use Apache as NTRIP protocol is
based on HTTP. However for NTRIP to work, Server header must start with
So I won't patch Apache and deal with later upgrades. I will just add an HTTP
Server handler in app which is in PHP and Apache won't be used at all.

So good job, you made Apache less useful and continue your path by telling
people WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO instead of adding a few lines of code that
could allow customization in httpd.conf or in PHP.

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