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[Bug 39299] Internal Server Error (500) on COPY


--- Comment #13 from Wim Lewis <wiml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> ---
(In reply to Stefan Fritsch from comment #11)
> The segfault part is already fixed in trunk and 2.2.x as PR 44734.
> The 500 instead of 409 part is fixed in trunk as r834073 and r834107

This bug still exists in 2.4.25 (on MacOSX):

% cadaver https://slenderpoke.local:8001/test2/
Authentication required for My Test Realm on server `slenderpoke.local':
Username: test2
dav:/test2/> mkcol foo
Creating `foo': succeeded.
dav:/test2/> mkcol foo/bar
Creating `foo/bar': succeeded.
dav:/test2/> put httpd-bug39299.pl foo/bar/somefile
Uploading httpd-bug39299.pl to `/test2/foo/bar/somefile':
Progress: [=============================>] 100.0% of 1158 bytes succeeded.
dav:/test2/> mv foo/bar/somefile foo/baz/somefile
Moving `/test2/foo/bar/somefile' to `/test2/foo/baz/somefile':  failed:
500 Internal Server Error

The 2.4.x branch was branched from r1200449, so it should include r834073 and

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