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[Bug 61081] per-domain SNI (to override per-vhost SNI)


--- Comment #4 from felipe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ---
(In reply to Eric Covener from comment #3)
> I see, I think that is reasonable, but I would suggest avoiding new
> container/section construct for it.  In a proprietary SSL plugin, that uses
> named certificates rather than paths, it was just repeated
> "SSLSNIMap hostname label".

However it seems most reasonably implemented in the config would be fine with
me. :)

It seems like right before ssl_find_vhost() is where this would happen?

> The interaction with current ssl-vhost-config selection by SNI would need to
> be sorted out too.  Documenting the status quo would be a good start!

I think just having a fallback would suffice?

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