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Re: XBean cleanup?

Good idea,

Looking quickly over github it looks like old versions are used but it is mainly repos and metadata, not much actual usage so think it can be ok to drop it. Happy if anyone can have another look since the gihub search is soemtimes mysterious ;).

For xbean-spring, with boot and/or java config, it doesn't make much sense to keep a complicated tool iMHO.
For telnet, it would be just a relocation in a project where it can make sense if accepted.

Romain Manni-Bucau
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2018-04-16 21:26 GMT+02:00 Mark Struberg <struberg@xxxxxxxx>:
we might probably go and google for it.
Not quite sure if it can be done via maven.central or if we need to ping the guys.
Searching github might also be a good idea.


> Am 15.04.2018 um 12:00 schrieb Romain Manni-Bucau <rmannibucau@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi guys,
> xbean modules are today:
> ./maven-xbean-plugin
> ./xbean-asm6-shaded
> ./xbean-asm-util
> ./xbean-blueprint
> ./xbean-bundleutils
> ./xbean-classloader
> ./xbean-classpath
> ./xbean-finder
> ./xbean-finder-shaded
> ./xbean-naming
> ./xbean-reflect
> ./xbean-spring
> ./xbean-telnet
> I never used some of them and wonder if they are all still relevant, the one I have in mind are mainly spring and telnet. I'm not sure spring interest today and would almost be happy to just drop it since we already released it a tons of times without updates. For telnet I'm more about to propose to drop it from xbean and propose it to tomee which has chatterbox which can be a better spot to host it.
> Any other modules we should drop or propose to move?
> Any opinion on the two I proposed for removal?
> Romain Manni-Bucau
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