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[GitHub] incubator-gearpump issue #241: [WiP][GEARPUMP-368] Restore setting runtime e...

Github user karol-brejna-i commented on the issue:

    I did search for AkkaApp usages and there are few groups of them:
    1. examples (proper AkkaApp usage)
    2. gearpupm-core (comands like submit, kill, etc. plus master and worker)
    3. gearpump-services 
    3. experiments (storm, yarn, akka-streams)
    Some details on experiments (AkkaApp usages):
    gearpump-experiments-storm  (2 usages found)
        org.apache.gearpump.experiments.storm.main  (2 usages found)
            GearpumpNimbus.scala  (1 usage found)
                47 object GearpumpNimbus extends AkkaApp with ArgumentsParser {
            GearpumpStormClient.scala  (1 usage found)
                27 object GearpumpStormClient extends AkkaApp with ArgumentsParser {
    gearpump-experiments-yarn  (3 usages found)
        org.apache.gearpump.experiments.yarn.appmaster  (1 usage found)
            YarnAppMaster.scala  (1 usage found)
                281 object YarnAppMaster extends AkkaApp with ArgumentsParser {
        org.apache.gearpump.experiments.yarn.client  (2 usages found)
            LaunchCluster.scala  (1 usage found)
                160 object LaunchCluster extends AkkaApp with ArgumentsParser {
            ManageCluster.scala  (1 usage found)
                87 object ManageCluster extends AkkaApp with ArgumentsParser {
    gearpump-servicesJVM  (1 usage found)
        org.apache.gearpump.services.main  (1 usage found)
            Services.scala  (1 usage found)
                41 object Services extends AkkaApp with ArgumentsParser {
    This is something I'd like to discuss. Do we change the ancestor here, too?
    I need to refresh this yarn code in my head...