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[GitHub] incubator-gearpump issue #241: [WiP][GEARPUMP-368] Restore setting runtime e...

Github user manuzhang commented on the issue:

    The root cause of this issue is that apps submitted from UI via `AppSubmitter` or `GearpumpStormClient` are run in the default `EmbeddedRuntimeEnvironment`.  
    Currently, there are two types of applications (those extends `AkkaApp`). One is *command* like `AppSubmitter` or `Info`. The other user application. The former is supposed to run in `RemoteRuntimeEnvironment` while the latter is meant to run in `EmbeddedRuntimeEnvironment` by default. After discussing with @huafengw offline, we agree it's better to create a new trait (e.g.  `Command`) which extends `AkkaApp` and is extended by `AppSubmitter`, `Info` and other commands. Then we can set `RemoteRuntimeEnvironment` in the new trait.