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Re: CodeCache is full - Issues with job deployments

Hello Stefan,

Thank you for the reply.

I've taken a heap dump from a development cluster using jmap and analysed
it. To do the tests we restarted the cluster and then left a job running for
a few minutes. After that, we restarted the job a couple of times and
stopped it. After leaving the cluster with no running jobs for 20 min we
toke a heap dump.

We've found out that a thread which consumes data from kafka was still
running with a lot of finalizer calls as depicted bellow. 


I will deploy a job without a Kafka consumer to see if the code cache still
increases  (all of our cluster have problems with the code cache,
coincidentally all of the deployed jobs read from kafka).

Best Regards,
Pedro Chaves

Best Regards,
Pedro Chaves
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