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Re: Run simple flink application via "java -jar"

Hi Krishna,

yes this should work given that you included all dependencies that are marked as "provided" in a Flink example project. In general, when you develop a Flink application, you can can simply press the run button in your IDE. This will start a mini cluster locally for debugging purposes.

However, if your goal is just to run Flink as a standalone application. You can stil use `./start-cluster.sh` and `/flink run`. By default the start cluster script starts a single task manager with one slot for a standalone mode.


Am 06.12.18 um 14:36 schrieb Krishna Kalyan:

This is a very n00b question. Can we run a flink job (for example wordcount) using "java -jar <jar_file_name>" in standalone mode. I usually see examples using   "$FLINK_HOME/bin/flink run  <jar_file_name>". If yes can someone please point me to an example.


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