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Re: Assigning a port range to rest.port

This requirement makes sense to me. Another issue I hit due to single value of rest port is that user can not start 2 local MiniCluster, I try to start 2 flink scala-shell in local mode, but fails due to port conflict. 

Gyula Fóra <gyula.fora@xxxxxxxxx> 于2018年12月5日周三 下午8:04写道:
Is there any way currently to set a port range for the rest client? rest.port only takes a single number and it is anyways overwritten to 0.

This seems to be necessary when running the flink client from behind a firewall where only a predefined port-range is accessible from the outside.

I would assume this is a common setup in prod environments. This hasn't been a problem with the legacy execution mode.

Any thoughts?

Best Regards

Jeff Zhang