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Flink - Metric are not reported

Hello everyone,

Once again I require your help !
I am trying to report custom metric (see my code below)
Yet, I do not see them anywhere.. nor in the metric tab from my tasks, nor in the rest API, nor in the declared slf4j reporter..
Can someone help me to debug this ..

Here is my RichMap function :
public class MetricGaugeRichMap<T, E extends MetricTuple<T>> extends RichMapFunction<E, E> {

private transient T valueToExpose;
private final String metricGroup;
private final String metricName;

public MetricGaugeRichMap(String metricGroup, String metricName) {
this.metricGroup = metricGroup;
this.metricName = metricName;

public void open(Configuration config) {
.gauge(metricName, (Gauge<T>) () -> valueToExpose);

public E map(E metricTuple) throws Exception {
valueToExpose = metricTuple.getMetricValue();
return metricTuple;

calling from topology :
env.fromElements(new MetricTuple<>(metricGroup, metricName, metricValue))
.map(new MetricGaugeRichMap<>(metricGroup, metricName))
.output(new MetricGaugeOutputFormat<>()); // dummy output


Bastien DINE
Data Architect / Software Engineer / Sysadmin