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Re: IntervalJoin is stucked in rocksdb'seek for too long time in flink-1.6.2


are your RocksDB instances running on local SSDs or on something like EBS? If have previously seen cases where this happened because some EBS quota was exhausted and the performance got throttled.


> On 22. Nov 2018, at 09:51, liujiangang <liujiangangpeng@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thank you very much. I have something to say. Each data is 20KB. The
> parallelism is 500 and each taskmanager memory is 10G. The memory is enough,
> and I think the parallelism is big enough. Only the intervalJoin thread is
> beyond 100% because of rockdb's seek. I am confused that why rockdb's seek
> taks so long time but get no result. I don't kow how to debug rocksdb in
> flink.
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