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Re: Run a Flink job: REST/ binary client

After a painful migration to Flink 1.6.2 we were able to run one of the jobs.
Unfortunately we faced the same behaviour: all the code after the first env.execute() is not execute if the job is called from the REST services or from the web UI, while everything works fine if running the job using 'bin/flink run' from a shell.

Any solution to this?

On Tue, Nov 6, 2018 at 4:55 PM Flavio Pompermaier <pompermaier@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi to all,
I'm using Flink 1.3.2. If executing a job using bin/flink run everything goes well.
If executing using REST service of job manager (/jars:jarid/run) the job writes to the sink but fails to return on env.execute() and all the code after it is not executed.

Is this a known issue? Was it resolved in Flink 1.6.2?