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State processing and testing utilities (Bravo)

Hey all!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the bravo project.

Bravo contains a bunch of useful utilities for processing the checkpoint/savepoint state of a streaming job as Flink Datasets (batch). The end goal of the project is to be contributed to Flink once we are happy with it but for that we need support from the users to try and work with it first :)

Over the past weeks I have worked on a bunch of useful fixes and features to make it nice and we already had a number of people trying it successfully to analyze state of streaming applications.

I suggest all of you to give a look and try it if it seems to be useful:

The library is also accessible from Maven central now :)

The bravo project also contains a set of super nice (according to me) testing utilities for testing stateful pipelines end-to-end including validating the state itself. These utilities are encapsulated in the bravo-test-utils subproject.